The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Counseling Center

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Counseling Center

For more than 40 years, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Counseling Centers (in Irvine and West Los Angeles, California) have provided caring, confidential, and affordable psychological services to individuals and families in our communities.

As two of Southern California’s largest counseling centers, we are able to provide an unrivaled range of high-quality therapeutic and educational programs to help people overcome challenges and achieve their highest potentials.

  • Individual, couples, family, and group therapy; psychological testing; domestic violence treatment; educational seminars; and more
  • Run by the nation’s oldest and largest graduate university of psychology
  • Premiere services on an affordable sliding scale
  • Day and evening appointments
  • No limits on the number of sessions provided
Psychological Assessment Psychological Assessment

Like a medical examination in which a physician evaluates a patient’s physical well-being by speaking with the patient and/or administering formal tests, a psychological assessment is a process through which a psychology professional evaluates a client’s psychological, emotional, and behavioral well-being through open dialogue and formal testing.

Couples Counseling Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is a process through which a couple (who may be engaged, dating, married, partnered—or sometimes even parent and child or other pairings) works with a trained therapist to identify specific areas of conflict and/or aspects of their relationship they would like to change, and then develops a plan of action to improve each individual’s satisfaction and contentment.